Sammi Sweetheart: Ronnie Gave Me Diamonds For My Birthday — Exclusive
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Jersey Shore

Sammi Sweetheart: Ronnie Gave Me Diamonds For My Birthday — Exclusive

Sammi Sweetheart and her boyfriend, Ronnie Magro, have been together for nearly four years, and though they’ve had their ups and downs along the way, the dynamic duo is still going strong and living together in upstate New York.

Yesterday, March 14, Sam celebrated her 26th birthday, and though she admits that Ron wasn’t with her on the big day, he gave her an unforgettable — and pricey! — gift and an early birthday dinner she’ll never forget.

Check out our chat with Sammi below, and then check back on Monday to see what she had to reveal about her budding career and eventually settling down with kids!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Happy belated birthday! How did you celebrate last night? You Instagrammed some romantic dinner pictures last night — did you just go out with Ron?

Sammi Sweetheart: Ron actually was busy working, so we celebrated the night before. We went out to dinner and he got me flowers, cupcake flowers, cake flowers — all really romantic — and balloons, and he got me Edible Arrangements and diamond earrings. We celebrated before he had to go do work, and yesterday, I just spent my birthday with family and friends.

Did you go out to dinner with them? Looked like you had a great cocktail!

Yeah. It’s my birthday, so I had to celebrate!

Last year, you had a big bash in Vegas and went all-out. Are you doing that this weekend, or are you staying a little more low-key since you’re getting older?

It’s definitely a little more low-key. I am going to go out this weekend, probably in the city somewhere — I’m not exactly sure where yet. I’m probably just going to go out and celebrate with Ron and my friends and my family.

I saw you celebrated with girlfriends, too. Seems like a birthday week!

Yeah, it started off on Wednesday, and it’s not finishing until maybe Sunday! [Laughs]

Are you going to be celebrating with any of your former Jersey Shore housemates? Are you still in touch with everyone?

Yeah, I definitely stay in touch with everybody as much as I can. But everybody is extremely busy. Nicole and Jenni are extremely busy, but they might meet me out — I mean, you never know!

Deena recently told us that she hasn’t talked to many of you since the reunion. Have you touched base with her?

I actually haven’t really talked to Deena. I haven’t talked to her, and I don’t know why. I should give her a call!

She seems to be really happy with Chris. Maybe you two can go on a double date.

Yeah! Chris is a really nice guy. That would be fun.