Which Reality TV Host Streaked In Purple Undies?!
Credit: Extra TV    
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The X Factor

Which Reality TV Host Streaked In Purple Undies?!

Excuse us while we burn all of our workout clothes. Because, thanks to Mario Lopez, we can pretty much never exercise again. We know Mario has a weird fetish for men's underwear (see: that time he decorated his X-Mas tree wearing nothing but panties and ruined Santa forever), but this time he's taken his love for streaking too far.

Please put on a pair of protective sunglasses, grab a paper bag, and start breathing into it, because Mario escaped from the Chamber of Secrets in which he is normally restrained, broke into The Grove (an outdoor mall in L.A.), and ran freely through the streets wearing nothing but a pair of purple briefs and a football helmet emblazoned with a Baltimore Raven. We can't even imagine how many childhoods were destroyed in the process.

Apparently, Mario’s most recent flirtation with nudity is thanks to his losing bet on the San Francisco 49ers against Extra co-host, Maria Menounos (who bet on the Ravens, obvy). We don't know why these crazy kids think public nakedness is a socially acceptable stake for a sporting bet, but whatever helps you sleep at night, Mario.

Now, bye-bye, we need to go wash out our eyes.

Source: RumorFix