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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Will Taylor Armstrong Get Married Again? The RHoBH Star Says…

Is Taylor Armstrong getting hitched? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who called her lawyer-turned-lover John Bluher “the love of my life” last October, is apparently ready to tie the knot again.

“We’ve talked about getting married,” Taylor told Life & Style.

John and Taylor first met years ago, before the tragic suicide of Taylor’s estranged husband, Russell Armstrong, in August of 2011.

“We were friends and we had met through a mutual friend,” Taylor told the magazine. “And then when Russell died, I was faced with so many different things.… Mutual friends called [John] and said, ‘You gotta help Taylor.’”

Rumors started circulating in early 2012 that Taylor and John were dating, but the two were adamant that there was nothing romantic between them. John was still married at the time, and Taylor called the rumors “ridiculous.”

It wasn’t until last summer that these two really clicked. But when they did, John said, it happened instantly.

“We just looked across the table at each other,” he recalled, “And all of the sudden I looked at her and she looked at me and I was like, ‘Okay, something’s happening here.’”

The couple started dating after John and his wife split up. John was so intent on making sure Taylor wasn’t blamed for the break-up that he wrote a letter to the Sacramento Bee explaining the situation.

“I want to be very clear and, for the record, state that Taylor Armstrong is not a homewrecker,” he wrote. “I can confirm that Taylor Armstrong and I are in a romantic relationship, and we are both very happy.”

To hear Taylor talk about the man in her life, saying that she’s “very happy” is putting it mildly. “He’s amazing; he’s perfect; he’s everything I’ve ever wanted in my life," she said.

Whatever the future holds, we’re certainly thrilled for this happy couple.

Source: Life & Style