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Michael Jordan’s Paternity Suit: DNA Sample Requested

Paging Jerry Springer! Or any such daytime talk show host who specializes in paternity scandals.

Michael Jordan is the latest celebrity to be caught in a spat as to whether he’s the father. A couple weeks ago, a Georgia woman named Pamela Smith slam-ducked Michael with a
paternity lawsuit, claiming that he's the dad of her 16-year-old son, Taj Tareef.

According to TMZ, Pamela has whipped up some new legal documents this week demanding that the basketball star prove his innocence in the matter by providing a DNA sample.

The son in the spotlight, Taj, has come to ardently believe that Michael is his papa, and is publicly reaching out for his alleged dad to step up to the plate, or in his case, hoop. Taj has taken to his Reverbnation page to voice his feelings. In December, the teenager, who identifies as a hip-hop artist, posted a video stating that the basketball legend is his father, and has expressed longing for Michael to be more in his life.

Meanwhile, the former Bulls star is focusing on a new romance: He's set to marry his fiancee, Yvette Prieto, next month. Will this issue stand in the way? And more importantly, will Taj have answers soon? It must be really confusing and painful to be going through a public scandal at such a critical age. We hope Michael and Pamela settle their score, and that Taj goes on to be everything he wants to be, regardless of who his biological father is.

What happens next in the paternity suit is all up to the judge, who has yet to announce a ruling.

Sources: TMZ, NY Post

03.17.2013 / 07:13 PM EDT by Nicole Spector
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