Adam Levine Turns 34: Check Out His Sexiest GIFs!
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The Voice

Adam Levine Turns 34: Check Out His Sexiest GIFs!

The Voice Season 4 premieres a week from today on March 25, but March 18 is not a Monday to be ignored. Today Voice coach Adam Levine celebrates his 34th birthday!

And since Adam does so many things for us on a regular basis (like parade his shirtless body around on national television), we decided to do a little something in his honor.

Adam has plenty of drool-worthy photos, but upgrade that to a moving GIF and you might never want to look away. We’ve rounded up GIFs of Adam at his sexiest in honor of his birthday. Check them out!

When he sticks his tongue out

 photo tumblr_mjrvf5Xrmw1s5mpquo1_400_zps97b45781.gif

When he makes this face

 photo tumblr_mjjfe7o2RR1rhenmfo1_500_zpsb0d19451.gif

When he shows off his moves like Jagger

 photo tumblr_mjd9asaaDZ1rtdt8ao1_500_zps8e8005f7.gif

When he plays the air drums

 photo tumblr_mjchsfVHRv1rctv2wo1_500_zps048f447d.gif

When he's embarrassed

 photo tumblr_mhv6jshGvS1s0e63zo1_500_zpsb04f6125.gif

When he cooks a turkey

 photo tumblr_mhapsmp4K61qm4zswo4_250_zpsf675300a.gif

When he wants to make you feel beautiful

 photo tumblr_mfhfd74UjN1r1rqiso1_500_zps42504edb.gif

When he brushes his shoulders off

 photo tumblr_mbgmumArSY1rbb8fmo1_500_zps9a3b4f2e.gif

When he gives a sassy head bob

 photo tumblr_m9j9irjc8T1rnm6iko1_500_zps31427b24.gif

When he looks at you

 photo tumblr_m7ksgjewM21rt3fn2_zps0149e4b8.gif

When pants are not necessary

 photo tumblr_m6oix6xkpc1rarsw6o1_500_zps7a21d4f7.gif

When he laughs

 photo tumblr_m3qnk7YyJI1r9rvvlo1_500_zps4c661ef0.gif

When he smiles and winks

 photo tumblr_m1iykqyaXa1qcc4mso1_500_zps81f8402b.gif

When he loses his shirt

 photo tumblr_lycyarb4lN1r24anoo1_500_zps39c38d2c.gif

When he gives the cocky wave

 photo pRUm5_zps39634c02.gif

When he's a boxer

 photo 4336_zpsbd55c920.gif

And when he says the words we've longed to hear

 photo tumblr_maavb3eB5B1qba8yvo1_500_large_zpsbf489e2c.gif

03.18.2013 / 09:00 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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