Bachelor Pad Cancelled for 2013 — and Possibly Forever!
Credit: ABC via WENN    
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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad Cancelled for 2013 — and Possibly Forever!

Chris Harrison, please step out from behind a curtain and tell us this is all a joke!

Bachelor Pad is facing INDEFINITE cancellation! This is to say that the splashy spin-off failed to land a summer slot in ABC’s lineup.

TVLine reports that the head honcho of the series, Mike Fleiss, first revealed the show’s slippery fate on Saturday in an exchange with a fan on Twitter. Mike replied to a fan’s tweet asking when the next
Bachelor Pad would be with the wistful tweet: “Not happening this summer...”

Mike’s part of the exchange has since been deleted from Twitter, but the fact that
Bachelor Pad is still without a rose has not changed. ABC has confirmed that the Pad will not return this summer.

There’s been no word on whether the show will be airing in future seasons, but frankly, it doesn’t look good...The show has been a summer solid for a while now, and it’s a perfect entertainment for that flip-flop-wearing, crazy-fling-filled time of year!

Even if the show does make a comeback in 2014, a lot of steam will be lost. For instance, Sean Lowe’s rejects are still burning bright embers that need to shine now — not on some TBA date. Tierra’s sparkle for instance could have altogether dimmed in a year! (We know she’s engaged, but c’mon would she really turn down an opportunity to tantrum it up on the Pad?) And what about Ashleigh, Lindsey, and all the other personalities we came to know and love (or hate) on Sean’s season?