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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Recap: Season 2, Episode 17 — Is [SPOILER] Turning Evil?

Run, Owen, run! In this week’s Once Upon a Time (Season 2, Episode 17: “Welcome to Storybrooke”), Graham is sexier than ever, Greg is not a big fan of Regina, and Snow might want to see a cardiologist.

I Can Make You Love Me

At the start of the episode, Regina and Gold pay their respects to dearly departed Cora. Gold warns Regina that getting vengeance on Snow will cause her to lose Henry, so Regina finds a spell to make Henry think he loves her. Sounds like the same spell that the women on The Bachelor must take in order to get so heads-over-heels in a matter of days.

Gold warns Emma and David of Regina’s plan, at which point Henry is dismayed to learn Snow actually killed Cora. To protect Henry, Neal invites him to NYC to avoid the spell. Henry sounds onboard, but instead he grabs his backpack and splits. Who knew Neal would be so gullible?

Credit: David Gray/ ABC    


Henry uses a five-finger discount to acquire some dynamite from the mines and heads to the well. He’s about to blow the thing to smithereens when Regina intervenes and makes the dynamite disappear. If Regina is constantly making dynamite disappear, we’re guessing she’s no fun on the Fourth of July.

Emma and David decide to join the party, with Regina pulling out a fireball to make things extra hot. Henry makes an impassioned plea that magic is making her and Snow evil, so Regina drops the spell into the fireball. This is a sweet moment, although it’s hard to look too sweet when you’re cradling a fireball.

After asking Gold how to live with yourself once you do an evil deed, Snow apparently doesn’t get a sufficient answer, as she heads to Regina’s place and wants to die. Regina pulls out her heart but refuses to crush it because she sees that it’s blackening. Uh, does anyone know how to stop a heart from blackening? Maybe Snow can just do some extra cardio?

Is This Kid Up For Grabs?

Instead of a Fairytale Land flashback, we go back to the moment when Regina begins the curse, as seen by two campers named Kurt and Owen. The adorable — and lanyard-loving — father-son pair are shocked that Storybrooke has seemingly materialized out of nowhere. Rome might not have been built in a day, but apparently Storybrooke was.

Owen is an cute little whippersnapper, and we’re not the only ones who think so. Regina tells Graham — yay, he’s temporarily back! — that she wants these newbies gone, but when Owen gives her a lanyard, Regina takes a shine to the little bugger. We also give Owen major props for not giving up his seat to Regina at the diner, which takes serious cojones.

Credit: David Gray/ ABC    

Regina likes Owen a little too much and decides she wants to keep him, which his father understandably isn’t thrilled about. She then commands Graham to arrest Kurt for drunk-driving, but Kurt and his son slip away and race to the town border.

Once they get there, Owen begrudgingly runs off and leaves his dad behind as he gets arrested. We then see that Maine police later don’t believe Owen’s story about Storybrooke since they can’t see the town, but Owen clutches his dad’s lanyard and vows to find him.

Now, we get caught up in the present day with “Greg,” the Storybrooke newcomer. Greg witnesses Regina pulling out Snow’s heart and tapes it on his phone. Then, we see he has the lanyard, meaning he was little Owen and is still searching for his dad. Craziness!

Three Biggest Mysteries of the Night:

— We are just as distraught is Snow was to see that her heart has gotten so blackened. So what will this less-kindly Snow be capable of? Come to think of it, an extra-feisty Snow might be fun to watch for a bit.

— What does “Greg” have in mind with all this footage he’s collecting? And will he actually hurt Regina — or anyone else? We’re guessing he has more sinister things on his mind these days than arts and crafts.

— Now that Greg is Owen, we’re wondering who the “Her” is whom he’s been talking to. Might she be someone else who has a vendetta against Regina? And might she also be Tamara, who is Neal’s fiancee and appears to have some kind of connection to Storybrooke? Be careful, Neal!

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