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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Spoilers: A First Look at Neverland?

On Once Upon a Time, we’ve ventured to many fairytale lands, including Wonderland, the Enchanted Forest, and Frankenstein’s “Land Without Color,” but there’s one we have yet to visit: Neverland.

Though Captain Hook has caused trouble in every realm, we have yet to see his home base — and officially meet Peter Pan & Co. However, from the looks of some new set photos, we may be headed there sooner than we thought.

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YVR Shoots recently posted photos of a “big scene on a rainy beach” featuring Neal/Baelfire (Michael Raymond-James) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) rushing around and having a serious conversation. This scene was filmed during “magic hour” (natch) on the rainy day and only took half an hour, so we doubt that anything big will come of this particular scene, but considering that Neal knows how to operate Hook’s ship and said “this world wasn’t [his] first stop,” they could be embarking on a trip to Neverland. Perhaps the Mermaid’s Cove? Hey, we can dream!

And while Michael didn’t drop any clues about the plot, he did leave his mark on the beach, writing “#OUAT” in the sand, as seen in the photo on right.

Do you think OUAT is headed to Neverland, or was this just a random shoot on the beach? Sound off below!

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Source: YVR Shoots

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