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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Recap of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5, Episode 18: Kenya Moore Goes Crazy

It's time for our weekly dose of insanity — here's what went down with Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore on Season 5, Episode 18 The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Let's do this!

This week, Cynthia's hubby Peter is hosting some big to-do with lots of Atlanta's finest on the guest list. Apparently, the list also includes some of Atlanta's worst — namely, Kenya Moore's ex, Walter Jackson. Cynthia is a little concerned about Kenya's sure-to-be livid reaction, but Peter is more concerned about the fact that Cynthia rode a mechanical bull on national television. Peter, your wife is beautiful, but there was nothing sexy about that ride, unless some men out there enjoy seeing a terrified woman in Converse and an Afro wig hanging on to a mechanical bull for dear life.

Anyway, both husband and wife conclude that Kenya needs to just deal. And, besides, there are going to be all sorts of eligible men for her to target in on.

As it turns out, Kenya brings her own eye candy to the event, former NFL player Jamal Anderson even if their relationship isn't romantic. When Kenya finds out that Walter is in the house, she takes the high road (kinda) and says it doesn't bother her, and that she's grateful to have a tow truck worker around in case her car breaks down.

Walter, on the other hand, has a Kenya-bashing session with his boys in the corner. First, he calls Kenya old, explaining that he likes his women like his rims: 22s, 24s, 26s. Charming. Then, he tells them about the sex-free shower incident in Anguilla. Wow, we had no idea grown-ass men gossiped just like women! And Jamal? Well, he's lucky #7 on Kenya's list of engagements.

Across the room, Kenya and Phaedra Parks decide to take baby steps toward burying the hatchet — Phaedra just hopes that hatchet doesn't end up in her back. For reals, girl.

In other news, Kenya is planning a costume party celebrating iconic black women in film, and she has assigned each of the girls an actress and movie to portray. Cynthia is going to be Diana Ross, Kandi is going to be Tina Turner, and Porsha is going to be Halle Berry... in B*A*P*S. Porsha is not amused.

Kenya doesn't reveal her icon (duh, it's so obviously going to be Beyonce!), but she does go to a costume shop with Cynthia to help her pick something out. While they are there, the conversation turns to Walter, again, and Kenya makes it clear that she just does not want to hear his name anymore. So what does Cynthia do? She tells her all about how Walter was talking smack about her after she left the party. Kenya responds by letting us know that she never saw the man with an erection. He's clearly gay and on the down-low, the ladies conclude.

A few nights later, Walter responds to the accusation by bringing some girl with him to Kandi's housewarming party who looks like she'd rather be anywhere else but with him.

When Kenya finds out that Walter is there, she declares him a stalker and and she's gone with the wind out the back door because she forgot to bring security with her.

Do you think Walter is stalking Kenya?

03.18.2013 / 08:23 AM EDT by Maria Valiente
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