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Revenge Live Chat: Season 2, Episode 16, “Illumination”

It’s time to move forward from the loss of Amanda Clarke on Revenge, and embrace the badassery that’s about to happen at the hands of Emily Thorne and her infamous black hoodie.

Unfortunately, our favorite arsonist has hit yet another snag in tonight’s episode, “Illumination” — the return of her former foster brother, Eli James. Eli knows Em’s true identity and could pose a serious threat to her revengenda.

Will this be the end of her mission? You’ll have to watch and follow our live chat to find out!

Join Wetpaint Entertainment for our “Illumination” live chat! Keep refreshing for more updates and join the conversation in the comments.

9:03 — Little Amanda's going for a grunge look!

9:04 — Charlotte, you wouldn't be too proud of them if you saw what was wrapped up in the poolhouse rug.

9:05 — Ruining lives might be in your parents' DNA, but poetry is in your blood, Danny! Embrace it.

9:06 — Declan, just because you're dressed like a preppy, it doesn't mean you can ruin friendships like one!

9:07 — Oh, a quarter of a million dollars? That's chump change.

9:08 — Em's foster brother just strolls into Grayson Manor without an invite. Careful, newbie!

9:10 — Oh, you collect rare books, Eli? Do you dabble in rare sea glass too?

9:12 — Another Tyler? Sigh, we can dream! #deliciouslyevil

9:13 — We're loving the casual attire, Connie! Politics looks good on you.

9:14 — If you really trusted your son's judgment, Conrad, you'd have supported his poetry career!

9:16 — Shut your mouth, peasant! No one calls her "Amanda" in public!

9:21 — It looks like criminal records run in this foster family. We smell a new duo!

9:24 — Jack, stop hating everyone who ever saved your life! Soon only Baby Carl David will be left, and he can't operate a motor boat.

9:29 — There's only enough room for one Ice Queen in this charity, Ems. #sorrynotsorry

9:31 — Declan, you should be concerned. Eli could probably rob a mansion without getting caught.

9:34 — Aiden, give it up. Danny does not want to star in a bromantic comedy with you. He's too full of CEO angst.

9:39 — Oh no he did NOT. Ems could have bought so many hoodies with that dough.

9:41 — Jack, once again, you're completely wrong and out of your league.

9:47 — Oh yeah, Nate had a brother. So that's a thing.

9:49 — Victoria, problem solving does not mean killing people in normal societies.

9:51 — Bankrupting the Graysons? But how will Victoria afford bandage dresses and brandy?

9:56 — Nice to see Ems and Aiden playing house in this hidden mansion. It's almost normal.

9:59 — The Falcon? More like the flying nerd. Stand down, Nolan.

03.18.2013 / 06:02 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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