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Revenge Review: What Did You Think of Season 2, Episode 16, “Illumination”?

Now that Emily Thorne has semi-recovered from the loss of her beloved cellblock sis, Fauxmanda Clarke, she’s ready to hit the ground running on Revenge. The only problem is that her former foster brother, Eli James, has come for a visit in the Hamptons and he’s brought trouble with him.

Eli immediately recognizes Emily’s true identity and has the ability to ruin everything. But he seems to have good intentions. His criminal record could pose a problem, but luckily Nolan’s impressive hacking skills can wipe the slate clean immediately. Take that, Batman.

But Emily’s guard is still up and she warns Ashley Davenport that Eli could be bad news for her employers. Naturally, Victoria chooses to believe a total stranger over Emily Thorne, and when Eli overhears, he gives Emily’s check to Victoria as a “donation” to Amanda Clarke’s “charity.”

This charity is just a front for the Graysons to hide their funds in when The Initiative decides to unleash its evil plan. And when Danny opens up to Ems, she sees it as a way to bankrupt the Hamptons' most wealthy and influential family. But who will throw the infamous clambakes?!

Meanwhile, Jack Porter is getting more suspicious than ever and goes digging only to learn that Nolan was the one who saved him the night of The Amanda’s explosion. He confronts him at the Graysons’ charity event, but Nolan thinks quickly and finds a way to pin Jack’s rescue on Kenny Ryan, calling it a “crisis of conscience.”

And though Nolan’s hacking skills were especially impressive in tonight’s episode, they were nothing in comparison to Emily’s new rival, “The Falcon.” So who is the hacker who helped take down David Clarke? We’ll learn soon enough!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Vote below!

Not my favorite.

Loved it!

03.18.2013 / 07:43 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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