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Revenge Season 2: Can Eli James Be Trusted?

We’re fifty shades of curious about Emily Thorne’s former foster brother, Eli James, on Revenge. Who is this newbie rolling into Grayson Manor sans-invite claiming to be a collector of rare books, looking to make a charitable donation in his faux-sister’s honor?

We may know little about who he is, but Eli knows exactly who Emily really is, and when he confronts her about it, he reveals that he’s a bit of a con-man himself robbing the rich to feed his lengthy criminal record.

Emily tries to help him by getting Nolan to wipe his record clean (she also hands him a $100,000 check to leave the Hamptons) but when Eli decides to stick around for the remainder of the party, Emily alerts Ashley Davenport to the potential threat.

Eli doesn’t appreciate this move and hands over the generous check as his “donation” to the Amanda Clarke Fund. Victoria names him co-chair to the foundation and Emily names him public enemy no. 2.

So was Eli really just hurt that Emily didn’t trust him, or does he have a vendetta of his own? We have a feeling this snake in the grass is poisonous and about to strike, but he hasn’t revealed himself just yet.

Do you think Eli is trustworthy? Tell us below!

03.18.2013 / 10:00 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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