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Revenge Season 2: Will Jack Porter Uncover the Truth?

We never thought Jack Porter could be this annoying, but Aiden Mathis is still alive so surprises are clearly lurking around every corner on Revenge. The Stowaway’s captain is having more mood swings than a teenage girl (i.e. Declan) these days.

Jack’s digging up all kinds of dirt in his quest for answers. He goes to The Docks to ask about the man who saved his life the night The Amanda exploded. One of Jack’s fellow seamen tells him that a “sandy haired” rich kid brought him in and called the hospital that night.

Naturally, Jack flies into a frantic fury at the thought of his BFF Nolan Ross lying to him and confronts the millionaire at a Grayson charity event. Ever the cool cucumber, Nolan comes up with a way to show Jack that it was really Kenny Ryan (oh yeah, he still exists) who saved his life.

Jack seems content with this answer, but he’s gotten so creepy and good at acting lately that we honestly have no idea. He already knows that Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke went to juvie together, so what will he uncover next?

Honestly, Jack was never the brightest bulb in the pack so we’re not overly concerned about him figuring out Em’s entire plot, but it still is a possibility.

Do you think Jack will unearth everything about the night Fauxmanda died and Emily’s identity or will the Revenge Queen be able to trick him yet again? Tell us your thoughts below!

03.18.2013 / 11:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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