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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: Will Merle Dixon Die?

UPDATE 2: Yep. Sadly, Merle was shot by The Governor and zombie-fied. His little brother, Daryl, had to put him down. So sad. Details here.

UPDATE 1: These spoiler photos suggest Merle will go the way of the walker, probably on Episode 15. Check around the :49 minute mark, and then later with The Governor. What do you think?

Original story:

Will Merle Dixon make it to the end of The Walking Dead Season 3? Fans have threatened to riot if Daryl Dixon dies, but it sounds like his brother’s fate is more up-in-the-air. Merle is not welcome back at Woodbury and he’s not terribly welcome at the prison, either. But he’s loyal to his brother, so wherever Daryl goes, Merle will go — unless, of course, Merle is killed.

According to, actors Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Michael Rooker (Merle) recently had a Q&A at Wizard World Portland Comic Con, and when one audience member started to ask about Merle dying, Rooker interrupted with “Merle ain’t dying. Give me a break! Next!” The fan continued to ask how he wanted Merle to go out. “I don’t want to go out! Period! I won’t. I mean it. I will not go out!”

The crowd reportedly cheered at that. Rooker is such a character himself, even if Merle is kind of a poophead most of the time. Not that Rooker sees it that way. He was also asked if Merle would behave himself in the prison. Rooker replied, “I don’t think Merle has done anything wrong whatsoever. I got a question for you. Has any of those people ever said ‘I’m sorry’ to Merle? No, they have not! None of them have.”

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Apologize! Merle only got locked up on that rooftop in Atlanta because he went full-on racist bleephole on T-Dog. Then he abducted several members of Team Prison, tried to kill Michonne, and beat the crap out of Glenn before siccing a walker on him. And Rooker thinks Merle not only did nothing wrong, he's the one owed an apology. Love the guy, but whenever he talks it feels like Opposite Day, so if he says Merle ain’t dying, maybe Merle will be dead by the end of the season.

Do you think Merle will make it to Season 4 or are his days numbered?


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