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American Idol

Who Is This Future Rock Star Famous For Flirting With the Ladies?

This wild rock star is infamous for his eccentric behavior and endless flirting with ladies of all ages. Born in 1948 in Yonkers, NY, he is the frontman for one of the most internationally successful rock bands in history. ;

The band’s first five albums all went multiplatinum and earned them a reputation as one of the greatest American rock bands in the world. Although the band went through something of a decline in the early 80s, they revitalized their image in the late 80s and roared back onto the music scene with vengeance. They produced several more breakout hit albums.

It hasn’t been all roses and champagne for this singer/songwriter despite his success. Back in the 70s and 80s, he was a heavy drug and alcohol user. Eventually he went through rehab and went on to enjoy 20 years of sobriety. In the late 2000s, an addiction to prescription painkillers sent him back into treatment, but he emerged sober once again and has stayed that way since.

The "Demon of Screamin'" has an incredible vocal range and loves to dress in bright colors and tight, ripped jeans. He’s also, on occasion, been known to dress up in drag for kicks and giggles.

03.18.2013 / 11:45 PM EDT by Laura Vess
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