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Yes, Diet Soda Is Bad For You: 4 Scary Effects of Drinking Too Much

Much like your kiddo is addicted to cuddling, some of us mommies are addicted to the bubbly deliciousness that is diet soda. It's tasty, it's cheap, and best of all? It's calorie-free! But did you know diet soda is a health disaster waiting to happen? Sure, you probably never thought it was healthy per se, but some of the scary effects of diet soda may surprise you.

According to a report in Prevention Magazine, diet pop is bad for your health and your waistline, and adults aren't the only ones who could be affected. Children drink a whopping 50% more diet soda than they did 10 years ago. Before you pop open another can, here are the four things that surprised us the most about what diet soda can do to your health. (Be sure to check out the full list at

1. Diet soda can lead to kidney problems.
Drinking too much diet soda can cause kidney decline, especially in women who chug more than two cans a day. A recent study at Harvard Medical School found that it's the sweeteners in diet soda that are responsible — who knew?! Sigh.

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2. It can cause obesity.
A recent study in the Lone Star State found that drinking two or more cans of diet soda per day can increase your waist size by 500%. Turns out the sweeteners found in diet soda prevent your body from feeling full, and you may end up packing away even more calories.

3. Suffering from allergies? Diet soda could be aggravating them.
Diet sodas contain benzoate and potassium benzoate, which cause damage to DNA — not to mention increased risks of asthma and allergies. If you suspect that your child has asthma, make sure to think twice before you serve up diet soda at his next birthday party!

4. BPA alert
The insides of all soft drink cans are coated with BPA, which has recently been banned from children's drinking products. BPA leaches into liquids, so you're ingesting trace amounts every time you drink diet soda. Considering that BPA leads to reproductive issues, you might want to switch over to water....

What do you think, ladies? Will you give up diet soda?

Diet soda always seemed a little too good to be true...

Diet soda is bad for me, too? IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT?

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03.18.2013 / 02:30 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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