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Castle Season 5 Spoiler: Does Gates Know About Castle and Beckett’s Romance?

Castle and Beckett have gone to great lengths to keep their relationship secret from their boss, Captain Gates, but is it possible that the HBIC already knows about the couple’s flourishing romance?

During Castle's dramatic two-parter — when Rick set out to rescue his daughter in Paris — Gates may have seen Beckett hug a distraught Castle, and the captain’s portrayer, Penny Johnson Jerald, is now opening up to TVLine on how she prepared for that pivotal moment.

“I remember the director saying, ‘I want you to turn around,’ and I go, ‘I don’t think I ever look at [Beckett]. ‘Cause I always think it’s about [Castle].’ So that was a good call,” she dished.

And while Jerald wasn’t permitted to say if Gates is, in fact, onto the lovebirds, she thinks there is a more important nuance to note. “It’s not whether she knows or not; it’s how she’s going to handle to truth.”

If we had to guess, we’d say the observant captain knows something is up between Castle and her star detective, but it’s clear from Penny’s quote that the hard-ass boss is no Caskett ‘shipper. Oh, the horror!

Do you think Captain Gates knows that Castle and Beckett are so much more than co-workers? Tell us your thoughts and theories below!