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Teen Mom

Chelsea Houska Gets Kicked Out of Her House!

Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 4, Episode 5 (March 18, 2013)

Credit: MTV    

We're starting to think Chelsea Houska might be the Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom 2. No, not because she's recording experimental "albums" and sleuth-waxing her daughter's eyebrows, but because this poor gal can't seem to get through an episode without breaking down into a fit of pretty-sobs.

Although, let's be real — Chel-Chel has plenty of reason to be bummed!

Not only is this brunette (er … blonde?) bombshell balancing school and parenting, she has to move out of her brand new house with zero notice, which basically sends her into a total panic. Chelsea's had it up to here (pointing to the top of her weave, duh) with Sioux Falls, and it looks like she wants to skip town, which might not be a great idea considering that she's finally in school. Then again, girlfriend could transfer to a different program, but we're just not sure any other states will teach her the fine art of feather weaves...

Luckily, Chelsea finds a great house to rent right across the street from her mom's place, but she feels rushed into signing a lease by her parents, who are less than thrilled about the prospect of their little girl leaving the nest. The good news? Chelsea sticks around Sioux Falls for the long haul, and thank goodness. This gal is basically the only thing Sioux Falls has going for it. The bad news? Adam Lind is still living in her zip code.

03.19.2013 / 07:18 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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