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Teen Mom

Kailyn Lowry Asks Javi Marroquin to Move in!

Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 4, Episode 5 (March 18, 2013)

Kailyn Lowry Asks Javi Marroquin to Move in!
Credit: MTV    

Kailyn Lowry has come so far since back in the day when she would troll around Pennsylvania with her sweatpants tucked into her Uggs. Not only has this gal has moved on to the wonderful world of short shorts, she's no longer obsessed with her baby daddy, Jo Rivera, and she's hopelessly in love with her new boyfriend, Javi "Luscious Lips" Marroquin.

Javi and his adorable pout have cast a spell on Kailyn, and it looks like she's ready to take their relationship to the next level. Yep, you guessed it — Kailyn asks her man if he's ready to shack up over an adorable frolicking sesh in her inflatable pool (side note: Isaac = cutest child on the planet, not to be confused with Jenelle Evans's favorite arcade Planet Fun), and naturally he says "yes, yes, a thousand times yes!"

Before we know it, Javi has movedall his belongings into Kailyn's room, they come up with a reasonable payment plan for dividing their bills, and the rest is history! Also, for some reason Javi's belongings consist of two suitcases. Where is all your swag, buddy?

So, how does Jo feel about Kailyn's new roomie? Considering that he's holed up in New Jersey "rapping," we're thinking dude doesn't have the right to an opinion, but he better prepare his body for the inevitable. It looks like Kailyn and Javi are on the fast track to marriage, and you know what they say … .then comes a baby in a baby carriage!