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The Kardashians

Kardashians Being Targeted By the LAPD?

Another day, another run-in with the police for someone in the Kardashian family.

Just last week, both Kim Kardashian and her brother Rob were pulled over by cops while driving in L.A. Now, sister Khloe just got a talking to from the cops — for the exact same thing.

What is this crime that has the LAPD so quick to sound the alarm? Driving with tinted windows. See, driving with tinted windows is illegal in the state of California, but for heavily-photographed celebs like the Kardashian family, darkened windows certainly have their appeal.

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The thing is, driving with tinted windows is still against the law. It’s difficult to see through them, and that can be a danger to safe driving. Cops stopped Kim on March 11 for driving with tints, but let her off with a warning. On March 12, her little brother Rob was pulled over, too, and he ended up getting a citation.

Then on March 18, Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter to announce that she, too, had just had a run-in. “Pulled over for tints.... Are you this bored?? Fight crime not tints my dude” she wrote.

Khloe’s tweet makes it unclear if she received a citation, or if, like Kim, got away with just a warning. Either way, she is the third Kardashian pulled over in just seven days.

Is it just us, or does Khloe not appear too concerned about switching out her windows? She seems more upset at tinted windows even being an offense in the first place. Do you agree with Khloe that ticketing for tints is a waste of time, or do you think that the growing number of police encounters is a cause for concern?

Is the LAPD targeting the Kardashian family unnecessarily, or is it the members of this celebrity family who are out of line?

Source: Khloe Kardashian on Twitter

03.19.2013 / 05:58 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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