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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards Talks Dana Wilkey’s Return…and Spills Reunion Secrets! Exclusive

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pal Dana Wilkey made a return to the show on Season 3, Episode 17 — and while her screen time was brief, it was hard to forget. Heels kicked up, cocktail in hand, she broke down her new life as a single mom to cast member Taylor Armstrong like this: “I drink a lot and I’m okay with it, and I f**k a lot and I’m okay with it.”

Frankly, we’re digging this new free-spirited Ms. Wilkey. But how do the other housewives feel about her? We chatted with Kyle Richards who gave us her opinion on Dana’s cameo and dished some dirt on the upcoming Season 3 reunion!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Adrienne and Camille won’t be returning next season. Are you going to miss filming with them.

Kyle Richards: Yes, very much.

With both of them gone, do you hope your friend Faye Resnick plays a larger role?

What I think people don’t realize is that Faye was actually a cast member this season. She got an unfair bad rap because people assumed she only showed up at certain times to cause trouble. That wasn’t the case at all. She showed up because she’s a cast member and was supposed to be there. There just wasn’t an announcement about it the way Marisa [Zanuck] got an announcement or like Dana [Wilkey] and Brandi [Glanville] got last season. But Faye is already a cast member so of course, yes, I hope she’s back in that role.

Speaking of Dana…

Oh god.

What did you think of some of the things she said?

You know it was funny and then it wasn’t because she’s a mom. To even put some of that stuff out there, oh my god. Dana’s always been very nice to me and, frankly, I was shocked to see her like that. I hope this isn’t the new Dana. I really feel for her kid. My 16 year-old and my 21 year-old sometimes watch the show with me and I was embarrassed for them to see it.

You filmed the reunion last week. What can you tell us about it?

It was exhausting and draining and, for me, very emotional. I feel like I’ve been so emotional all season. I cry again this week and then again at the reunion. I’m an emotional person. But there’s someone at the reunion who really hurt me and I kind of lost my marbles. In a perfect world, I’d like the reunions to be a place where we clear the air. But sometimes, all it does it bring up new problems. But we did clarify a few things…you’ll have to watch what happens.