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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Jenna the Girl in the Red Coat?

Pretty Little Liars enigma Jenna can rock a pair of shades like nobody’s business but is she also partial to red coats? With Jenna scheduled to appear in the Season 3 finale after a long hiatus which happens to be when we’ll learn Red Coat’s identity we’re wondering if the two might be one and the same.

Here are five reasons why we think Jenna just might be the infamous Red Coat. If so, we’re officially jealous of the fabulous calf muscles Jenna must have from all the running Red Coat’s been doing lately.

1. She saw Emily on “that night”

We’ve never believed Jenna’s story about Emily jumping out of her car on the night Ali’s corpse was stolen. And since we know Emily saw Red Coat at Ali’s grave that night, we’re inclined to believe it was Jenna who was in the disguise. After all, even though Red Coat has blonde hair, we’ve seen a blonde wig in A’s lair. Plus, Jenna is just that creepy.

2. She loves telling Toby what to do

Who would be more appropriate to be bossing Toby around than Jenna? Certainly, Jenna is adept at making him do what she wants, as when she forced him to get it on with her. Granted, we don’t know for sure that Red Coat is the main “A,” but regardless, we wouldn’t be surprised if Toby being on the “A” team has something to do with Jenna.

3. She apparently knew Alison before they first met

The Season 2 Halloween episode provided some hints about Jenna working with the “A” team, including her budding alliance with Mona. Plus, Jenna tells Ali she already knows who she is when they first meet at the Halloween store right before Ali gets a text from “A.” In other words, Ali presumably had bigger problems than just getting Jenna to not dress as Lady Gaga.

4. She had that mysterious meeting in the park last season

We still don’t know who Jenna was meeting with in the park during the Season 2 finale, but we have a hunch it was Ali or her twin. If so, this would appear to be a sign that the two are working together and Jenna’s comment, “You know what you need to do,” sounds reminiscent of “A.” As for what was in the package that Jenna handed over, that’s still a mystery.

5. She’s been laying low lately

Jenna has always been pretty suspicious, so it’s possible that she would be too obvious of a choice to be on the “A” team. Still, the fact that we’ve seen so little of her this season makes us wonder what she’s been up to not to mention it makes her seem less obvious of a choice, since she’s been out of sight (so to speak) and out of mind.

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