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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Burning Question: Can We Trust Eddie Lamb?

We don’t know much about Radley nurse Eddie Lamb (Reggie Austin), but he was oh, so nice to a struggling Spencer (Troian Bellisario) during her stay in Radley. We want to believe he is on her side, but no one in Rosewood gives out that much information without a motive. Given his prior “A” team connections and now Spence’s turn to the dark side, can we trust the handsome and kindly nurse?

The Toby Connection

Viewers were officially introduced to E. Lamb in Season 3, Episode 22: “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”, but his name was kicking around long before that. Toby (Keegan Allen) was using Eddie’s badge to sneak into Radley to visit Mona (Janel Parrish). Eddie claims that his badge was stolen and that the entire security system had to be redone because people were getting in and out who were not supposed to be. Is he telling the truth or did he give his badge to Toby willingly?

There is also an intriguing potential connection between Eddie and Toby’s mother. When Spencer told Eddie Toby’s name, Eddie says there was a boy with that name whose mother used to be a patient at Radley. If Eddie was trying to hide this connection, then he probably wouldn’t have told Spencer. Given that Toby’s mom is set to appear in the Season 4 premiere, we’re guessing this connection might come up again, but will it mean Eddie knows more about the “A” team than he has let on?

The Mona Connection

Mona was in Radley for months earlier this season and, apparently, was buddy buddy with Nurse Lamb. According to Wren (who does not seem to be best friends with our favorite Radley nurse), Eddie and Mona used to play the board game Spence uses as a map to slip out of Radley. When Eddie goes to take a book to Spencer, Wren asks him if they’re having “the same problem” again. Annoying vague and suspicious! Did Lamb and Mona have a thing? And, if so, does that make him a part of the “A” team or just a lovelorn puppet?

Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

The Spencer Connection

In retrospect, much of the interaction between Spencer and Eddie becomes suspicious with the reveal of Spence’s “A” team status. He was the one who pointedly gave her the board game that allowed her to break out of Radley and enact the “A” team agenda (in this case, kidnapping Malcolm). He gave her books to read, making him the perfect “A” team messenger. And he is either a) the worst nurse ever or b) knowingly allowed Spencer to skip taking her medication.

Toby, Mona, and Spencer. Three strikes and you’re usually out, Eddie! His connections to known “A” team members make E. Lamb a particularly suspicious character. Still, maybe it’s the obviousness of the choice or Reggie Austin’s charm, but we still aren’t ready to write Eddie off as evil.

What do you think of Eddie Lamb? Is he connected to the “A” team or just a nice guy? Let us know in the comments below!

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