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Revenge Season 2: Is Mason Treadwell The Falcon?

In Revenge Season 2, Episode 16, “Illumination,” Nolan Ross introduced us to the compelling new villain “The Falcon.” This mysterious hacker works for the Graysons and was responsible for covering up David Clarke’s case back in the ‘90s.

We have a feeling that this Falcon is someone we’ve met before. But which Hamptonite has the capabilities to outsmart a tech genius like Nolan Ross?

When it comes to a crafty villain who likes to show off and mark his work, two names come to mind Mason Treadwell and Emily Thorne (hello, red Sharpie much?).

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

And since we know Ems isn’t the one who framed her own father (or else this entire show would be very strange), Mason is the next logical choice.

This author-turned-gossip-blogger was once the Grayson’s right hand man. He had plenty to gain from David Clarke’s guilt, including a major book deal. But since he started his blog, The Treadwell Report, he’s been on the outs with Victoria and co.

Not to mention he’s now rocking his bow ties behind bars! In case you’ve forgotten, Mason is currently serving time for the murder of the White-Haired Man. No, he didn’t pull the trigger, but Emily’s promised him a killer story (aka her life’s tale) for keeping quiet.

Chances are, he’s not computer hacking from Cell Block C. But, he certainly does come to mind since he’s about to return in Episode 17, “Victory,” right when Emily’s “hunting” The Falcon.

And what about Mason’s tech prowess? The Falcon is supposed to be a hacking legend, but Mason had to get Nolan to set up his own blog. Was this a cover or is Mason the furthest person from this new villain?

What do you think, Revengers? Tell us below!

03.19.2013 / 01:00 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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