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Revenge Season 2: Is Padma Lahari The Falcon?

Have you heard the latest? There’s a new hacker in the Hamptons and he’s making Nolan Ross quake in his nerd loafers. In Revenge Season 2, Episode 16, “Illumination,” Nolan and Emily Thorne were trying to empty the Graysons’ charity bank account when they were blocked by the symbol of a bird.

Apparently this legendary hacker named “The Falcon” is working with the Graysons and has been since the ‘90s when he covered their tracks in the David Clarke case. We have a feeling that this techie is among the Hamptonites we already know and love (or love to hate).

We’ve already considered the theory that this winged hacker (whose signature strongly resembles the American Eagle logo) being Mason Treadwell, but there were so many flaws in that theory, we decided to move on.

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Let’s think, who’s deeply embedded in the coding world with access to Carrion and Nolcorp technology? What about CFO, lover, and Initiative spy Padma Lahari? Homegirl claims to be in The Initiative’s claws after they kidnapped her father, but apart from a lone severed finger, we’re not sure that her story rings true.

She’s easily manipulated Nolan into handing over his most dangerous program and now suddenly the Nolcorp CEO is blocked out of his own system? Something seems fishy.

In Episode 17, “Victory,” we see Padma getting kidnapped by the new Initiative representative, Trask. But could this all be set up because Padma is deeply embedded in The Initiative’s next plot and making sure the Graysons are kept safe?

The one potential problem with this theory: Padma would have been really young when David Clarke was framed and murdered. Ems was just a tot and Padma seems to be about the same age. Even if she was a bit older, she couldn’t have been more than her late teens. But child prodigies happen everyday (we have high hopes for Baby Carl David).

Do you think Padma is The Falcon? Tell us below!

03.19.2013 / 10:25 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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