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The Bachelor

Should Sean Lowe Have Said “I Love You” to Lindsay Yenter?

It must be tough being the dude a billion girls want to grope and spill all their feelings to, but Bachelor Sean Lowe handled it like a champ — for the most part. While several of the Season 17 girls told Herr Blondlowe that they loved him, we were pretty sure he wasn’t going to say those three little words to anyone but the girl he chose to be his fiancée. Aaaaand then he did. To Lindsay Yenter. After he dumped her.

Yeah, you read/heard/recalled in a nightmare that moment correctly. First Sean told Linds that she was super and all, but not for him, and then he said “I love you.” WTF, dude. We get that he was into Lindsay enough to be with her for the entire “journey,” but it’s hard enough being dumped when moments before, you thought you were going to get married. To have the person who breaks your heart also say “I love you” in the same breath as “goodbye” just seems cruel.

Credit: ABC    

Sean has said that he “loved Lindsay but is in love with Catherine (Giudici),” and we’ve been both of those girls, but still wonder if it was wise for the Bachelor to say those words. When Sean broke up with her, Lindsay asked him “is it me? Why? Why? Why?” which was so uncomfortable to watch, but brave on her part. All she wanted was closure, knowing that he wasn’t going to be with her. When the end happens without your permission, it’s nice to know the warning signs so you can recognize it in the future...

On the other hand, it’s also awkward for Sean to have said that, considering he proposed to Catherine an hour later. How would you feel knowing that the man who asks you to spend the rest of your life with him has just said some pretty big words to someone else? Because Catherine might be awesome, but we think that would stick with us for a while.

What do you think — was Sean’s declaration that he loves Lindsay a mistake, or was his heart and word choice well taken?