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Snooki Threatens to Block Fans on Twitter For Calling Her Cat Ugly (PHOTO)

You can say anything you want about Snooki, but never attack her loved ones! While the meatball mama typically lets the haters roll off her back and finds ways to spin their criticisms into positives by killin’ em with confidence and kindness, you better not mess with her family — and that includes her furry-legged babies!

Snooki recently threatened to block any fan on Twitter who dared to call her orange cat ugly. “People saying my orange cat is ugly,” she warned in her recent Tweet. “I will block u. He’s a three legged cat that went thru multiple surgeries and is a BOSS.”

You tell ‘em, Snooks! She even topped off the warning with a funny hashtag (#blockyoass), though we know she isn’t kidding when it comes to her beloved feline friends.

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The fan backlash was likely prompted by a recent Instagram photo collage of Snooki’s kitties, including a couple pics of her orange-and-white cat making adorable faces. “MEOW I love my cats,” she captioned the pics, along with the hashtag “#catlady.” Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

So be warned: If you call her animals ugly, she will “#blockyoass.” Just think of what she’d do if you called her son or fiancé Jionni such a name! We have a feeling a Twitter block would only be the beginning, or you know, she might just succinctly tell you to screw off. Either one works for us.

What do you think about Snooki’s warning? Would you do the same for your pets or family? Share below!

03.19.2013 / 10:30 PM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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