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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Was Yolanda Foster Right to Call Out Adrienne Maloof For Her “Trash Talk”?

It was supposed to be Adrienne Maloof’s night to shine, but her statements about Brandi Glanville put her on the spot with Yolanda Foster in all the wrong ways.

During the party for the launch of her Zing Vodka line, Adrienne and the housewives chatted happily until the topic turned to Brandi’s flirting habits.

Faye Resnick stirred the pot by bringing up a supposed bathroom hookup between Brandi and a mystery man at Kyle Richards’s White Party. The women were hesitant to believe the rumor, but Faye insisted that she knew of two eyewitnesses to the incident.

When Yolanda commented that she didn’t want to throw Brandi under the bus, Adrienne jumped in to insist that Brandi has thrown each and every one of the housewives under the bus herself.

Adrienne even insinuated that Brandi had talked about Yolanda behind her back, but Yolanda wasn’t buying it.Yolanda pushed back, saying that she’s never felt betrayed or backstabbed by Brandi ever.

Do you think Yolanda was right to call out Adrienne on her “trash talk” about Brandi, or was it out of line for her to do at a party? Let us know by choosing one of the reaction buttons below!