Ali Is Red Coat? Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Finale’s Big Reveal!
Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    
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Pretty Little Liars

Ali Is Red Coat? Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Finale’s Big Reveal!

Warning: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 finale (Season 3, Episode 24: "A dAngerous gAme").

In the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 finale, Red Coat was finally revealed. And as we'd suspected, she turned to be Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse). Probably. Like, 90 percent sure it's her.

Here's the deal. In the finale, someone from the "A" team (or someone dressed like "A" — perhaps from another team) set a house containing Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson), and Mona (Janel Parrish) on fire. The girls were eventually rescued by someone who Hanna and Mona thought was Alison. Spencer, meanwhile, was trying to track Red Coat down in the woods. She caught a glimpse and also thought it was Ali.

But is that the only possibility? No. Frustratingly, there are still some ambiguities. For instance, Mona mentioned that Red Coat always wore a mask that made her look like Ali; it's possible that's what the girls saw, and in the dark and confusion thought it was really Ali's face. Plus, it could turn out it's actually Ali's identical twin.

However, evidence points to it really being Ali. The episode tag returned us to the scene we'd already seen at the end of the Season 3 Halloween episode, where Ali, after being buried alive, managed to dig her way out of the ground. In this episode tag, someone else grabbed her hand and pulled, theoretically rescuing her. So signs are definitely pointing to Ali being alive and the "A" leader.

What else did we learn about Big "A"? That no one, not even Mona, knows who she is. Apparently she came to Mona while she was in Radley and struck a deal — implying she wasn't in charge of the "A" team before that (probably?). However, Big "A" quickly took control, and Mona's not happy. As mentioned above, she doesn't know who Big "A" is because Big "A" always wore a mask.

Are you 100 percent convinced it's Ali, or are you still not sure?

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