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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Did Brandi Glanville Have Sex at the White Party and More Burning Questions From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3, Episode 18

Each episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is filled with surprising and shocking moments that sometimes require closer examination. With that in mind, here are answers to your top five burning questions from Season 3, Episode 18: "A Vodka Shot Through the Heart."

Credit: Bravo    

1. Who was Brandi hooking up with at the White Party and what really happened?

Lisa Vanderpump writes in her Bravo blog that she in fact saw Brandi Glanville with a guy in the bathroom at the White Party, saying: “I was the one who knocked on the door.” However, Lisa maintains that Brandi and the guy were only kissing, and it didn’t go further than that. And who’s the guy? It’s safe to assume it’s Jonathan Ruiz, Mauricio’s co-worker whom Brandi dated until late last year.

2. How much liposuction did Kyle Richards really get and when was this?

Kyle Richards is right when she admits there were rumors about her having gotten a lot of lipo done. Indeed, in July 2012, Perez Hilton reported that Kyle had gotten “full-body lipo,” and that she only lost 15-20 pounds but “all from the right places.” However, as we hear in the episode, Kyle claims she only got her love handles done. Maybe those are the “right places”?

3. Whose side are the ladies on in Adrienne and Paul's split?

Lisa is firmly on Team Paul. Lisa says Adrienne Maloof made “efforts to emasculate [Paul] constantly," and while he has been “detrimental about me in the past,” Lisa says he “apologized profusely.” He now “has repeatedly come to my restaurants,” Lisa continues. Meanwhile, Yolanda Foster points out in her blog that Adrienne comments to Paul over the years "seemed so extremely disrespectful."

4. How does Yolanda feel about Faye Resnick?

Yolanda isn't feeling the love for Faye Resnick. "I was speechless when Faye inserted herself into our conversation uninvited," Yolanda says now. "I honestly have never seen anyone behave so rudely and inappropriately." Yolanda goes on to refer to Faye as a "pit bull" and then calls herself a new "sheriff" who will defend Brandi. Come to think of it, this show does remind us of the Old West at times.

5. How much does Zing vodka cost?

Currently, a bottle of Adrienne’s Zing vodka is selling for a rather reasonable $19.99 on City Wine Cellar. As we saw during this week’s episode, the vodka comes in a light-up bottle, which has an on-off switch. And yes, there is a red velvet flavor of the vodka, as Adrienne’s mom was known for her red velvet cake recipe. Now you can have your cake and drink it, too.

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