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The Kardashians

Do The Kardashians’ DASH Stores Make Any Money?

The Kardashian franchise just seems to keep growing: reality shows, clothing lines, fragrances, jewelry, and, of course, the DASH boutiques. And while we know the Kardashians are worth a ton of money, we are curious if DASH stores contribute at all to that cash flow. Is DASH a profitable business venture? Or is it just a fun hobby, as the girls have often made it seem?

Fashion has always been a passion of the three Kardashian sisters, and so it makes sense that they’d run a boutique. You can’t expect a trio of enterprising rich girls like this to be satisfied with a lemonade stand, after all! Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe opened their first DASH store in their hometown of Calabasas, CA in 2006. Their second store, located in Miami, debuted in 2009. Located in Manhattan’s fashionable SOHO neighborhood, the third DASH boutique, opened its doors in 2010.

We’ve seen all three stores on just about every incarnation of the family’s reality show, so they certainly have name brand recognition. But the question remains: do they actually turn a profit?

We don’t have the exact numbers to confirm or deny that DASH is in the black, unfortunately. However, according to a TMZ report, the SOHO store was selling $50.000 worth of merchandise every day in its first month. That’s pretty impressive!

Whether or not New York business has continued that crazy boom, the fact that the Kardashian sisters just moved the original Dash from Calabasas to fashionable Melrose Avenue in L.A., makes us think that Dash rakes in plenty of cash.

Source: TMZ