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Jersey Shore

Does Snooki’s Fiancé Look Like an “Italian Version of Jake Gyllenhaal”? (PHOTO)

We’ve heard plenty of weird comparisons between celebs and Jersey Shore stars, but this one about birthday boy Jionni LaValle is particularly interesting. Recently, a fan tweeted at Snooki, writing, “Is it me or does @snooki’s fiancé look like an Italian version of Jake Gyllenhaal?” Snooks was on the same page and tweeted back excitedly: “I tell [Jionni] that every day!” Whoa! We see where her attraction stemmed from...

Many of us have been told we resemble celebrities now and then, and even quite a few celebrities look scarily similar. It’s quite a compliment to compare Jionni to the talented and very sexy Jake Gyllenhaal, and though we’re not sure they’d be mistaken for siblings, we can see some of the resemblance.

Jionni and Jake have similar puppy dog eyes, brows, and facial features, though Jionni has a much wider jaw and plumper lips, and overall Jake has softer features and of course, paler skin. Plus we’ve never seen Jionni in the sexy scruff Jake loves to wear, as guidos don’t really do facial hair.

To be fair, the fan said that Jionni looks like an Italian version of Jake, though we must point out that all Italians look very different. Still, we know what they were getting at. Perhaps Jionni is the Guido Jake Gyllenhaal. Either way, there’s no denying that they’re both good-looking men.

What do you think? Does Jionni look like Jake, or are you not seeing the resemblance? Check out the pic above, and then vote in the reaction buttons below!

03.20.2013 / 11:30 PM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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