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The Bachelorette

How Long Do Bachelorette Relationships Last?

The Bachelorette hasn’t been around nearly as long as The Bachelor — nine seasons fewer, to be exact — but success rates have been a little higher for relationships. In fact, out of the eight seasons the show has aired, two of the relationships actually ended in marriage! That’s one-fourth, for you all keeping score, versus the one-seventeeth The Bachelor is sporting. But do all the other relationships work as well?

We did a little math and memory lane walkin’ to revisit some of our favorite past pairings, and it isn’t all as rosy as Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum’s petalrific life. While they tied the knot just a few months ago and the very first lady rose-doler Trista Sutter has pretty much the perfect life with Ryan Sutter, not all relationships worked out quite so well.

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm looked all lovey-dovey before rumors of infidelity leaked out from both camps. They went from meeting the fams to yelling obscenities within just a few months. And remember the most beautiful couple on the block, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez? Yeah, that didn’t go quite as planned. So, how long do the Bachelorette resulting relationships last? Well, if you don’t count Trista’s ten blissful years, the average duration is about 11.5 months, which is just a couple months shy of the Bachelor average of 13.25.

How do you measure the success of relationships? If it’s by marriage, then obvi The Bachelorette has it on lock. But if your idea of success means never having to date Ed Swiderski, then perhaps The Bachelor is a little more your style...