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Nashville’s Sam Palladio Weighs in on Whether the Show Will Be Renewed

Look, guys, it’s real talk o’clock ‘round here, and we have something that needs to be said: If Nashville is NOT renewed for a second season, there’s going to be a riot. We’re going to smash our magically decoupaged Juliette Barnes lunchboxes and scratch the bejeezus out of all of our hand-painted platinum records, not to mention the yelling. So, just to be sure that we’re not the only ones with our ten-gallon hat in the fight, PopSugar talked to Sam Palladio (Gunnar Scott) at the March 9 PaleyFest 2013 about where he stands on the issue.

The gossip outlet asked Nashville’s favorite son (don’t look so chagrined, Avery) about whether the cast knows something they’re not saying, or what. So, are they still waiting on the word? “Yeah we are, we’re kind of waiting with bated breath,” the gorgeous Brit spilled about our favorite show’s future. But it seems we won’t have long to wait.

“I think we’ve got a month or so till we find out,” Sammy says. “If it didn’t go any further, I’ve had an absolute blast, but obviously we’re all fingers crossed. I feel like the music has been such a great addition to the show, and a character in itself. And the musician in me wants to keep that going.” We’re right there with you, buddy...

Source: PopSugar

03.20.2013 / 04:11 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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