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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: What Is Up With Shana?

The Pretty Little Liars Season 3 finale left us with even more questions surrounding the mysterious Shana (Aerial Miranda). It seems like she has been working with Jenna (Tammin Sursok) since the beginning, but to what purpose? Whose side is Shana really on?

Shana’s Introduction

For a newcomer to Rosewood, Shana seemed extremely well-connected when she was introduced in the Pretty Dirty Secrets webisodes. She flirted with Noel, talked Comic-Con with Lucas, and overheard a revealing fight between Jason and Cece. We now can guess that Shana came to Rosewood with some good inside information from Jenna, and that Jenna was the “Blocked ID” she kept talking to on her phone. This makes us think that Shana is...

Team Jenna

Shana and Jenna seemed extremely close (dare we say romantic, even?). All signs point to Shana being Team Jenna, but what exactly does that mean? Is Shana Jenna’s Caleb or Paige -- someone outside of “A”’s radar who can help take her down? If so, she might not be very good at it considering she was caught on the police video helping Jenna rescue Wilden after that hit-and-run.

Or maybe Jenna and Shana are trying to take down the Liars? Jenna revealed that the miraculous effects of her eye surgery are only temporary - she will eventually go blind again. This means she has reason to renew the vendetta against the girls who caused the fire that took her sight in the first place. Early in the episode, Jenna tells Shana that the girls will all be together at the lodge on Friday. That fire is starting to seem like an oddly poetic form of revenge against the Liars.

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The “B” Team

But could the fire have been larger and more organized than just Jenna’ personal quest for revenge? Last night’s episode made it seem like there may be another group of Rosewood residents working at cross-purposes with the “A” team and Red Coat. Someone besides the known “A” team members locked the Liars and Mona in the burning lodge and knocked Toby out. Red Coat/Alison pulled the girls out of the fire, making it seem like it was not her plan to trap them there in the first place. Could Shana be a part of this team, designed to thwart “A”?

Team Paige

We can’t forget Shana’s Paige connection. The two dated for three weeks when Emily was away last summer. There’s a chance this was all part of her Team Jenna agenda, but maybe not. We didn’t see Paige at all in last night’s episode, meaning we have no idea what she was up to while some serious scheming was going down. Could these two be working together? And, if so, to what purpose? We know Paige has an unpleasant past with Ali. Has she actually let that go, or has her relationship with Emily been some kind of front to get closer to finding the seemingly alive Alison?

What do you think Shana is up to? Sound off in the comments below!

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