Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Finale Recap: Season 3, Episode 24 — [SPOILER] Is Alive

Need a hand? In tonight’s shocking Pretty Little Liars Season 3 finale (Season 3, Episode 24: "A dAngerous gAme"), Spoby gets sexy, there is a trunk full of surprises, and Ali is more helpful than Superman.

Wherein Spencer Decides to Forgive and Forget Fornicate

For us, quite possibly the highlight of the episode was getting to see Spencer and a living Toby finally heat things up again. (Toby’s abs are back in our life!) But should Spencer believe he’s a double agent? We do want to believe him — but we also must admit that his dialogue was so cheesy, it sounded like he swiped it from that ‘90s love song, “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You.”

We’re impressed that Toby and Spencer teamed up to fool Mona — although they weren’t quite crafty enough to fool everyone, as someone knocked Toby out in the woods and planted a lighter next to him. So will Toby take the fall for the fire? And does Toby being called “Pretty Eyes” mean he was the one who blackmailed Dr. Sullivan?

Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

Wherein Hanna Tries the Red Coat on For Size

Hanna startled us when she was in the red coat — although she was just testing Spencer. Uh, do these girls really have time for dress-up?

But the bigger Hanna-related shocker is apparently whatever’s in Wilden’s trunk, as his car is back — along with the video of Shana and Jenna helping him after Hanna’s mom runs him over. What is those two girls’ connection to Wilden? And can this car go wherever it wants, kinda like Herbie?

Wherein Emily Is Right About Shana Being Trouble

So what’s the deal with Jenna, Shana, and Melissa? We know these three ladies are in cahoots, but are they on the “A” team? We don’t know for sure, but we’re betting that they’re fighting against the “A” team — sort of like an “A” team vs. N.A.T. Club battle. But how did Shana get involved? Either way, Emily would be well-advised to avoid her.

And does Jenna and Shana holding hands mean that they’re dating now? Then again, we know Jenna manipulated Toby into hooking up with her — along with her relationship with Garrett being mighty creepy, too — so maybe Jenna has an ulterior motive for Shana as well.

Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

Wherein Aria Does What She Loves to Do: Say an Emotional Goodbye to Ezra

Aria and Ezra’s split was sorta sad, but they’ve done this so many times it’s hard to know if we really care anymore. Anyway, now that Ezra is teaching at Rosewood, we doubt they’ll be out of each other’s lives for good.

Also keeping Ezra in the picture is the fact that Hanna apparently has a new job watching Malcolm. And Hanna’s new job actually helped the lovable space cadet realize it was Spencer who posed as Alison last week when Malcolm was snagged. We love how Hanna’s jobs end up helping the Liars — but also how they typically involve Hanna getting zero actual work done.


— What did we actually learn this week? Ali — or her potential twin — is apparently Red Coat... unless it’s just someone in an Ali mask, although that would be awfully sneaky of the show. So it seems that perhaps there is another, more evil “A” leader out there, since Red Coat is actually saving the girls. So much for everything getting wrapped up!

— In the very last scene, Ali’s hand appears to be pulled out of a grave — but by whom? We’re starting to wonder if “Red Coat Ali” was the one who pulled Ali out of the ground. But then whose body was found in Season 1? Or maybe one of the Liars pulled Ali out? The possibilities appear endless.

Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

— Is Jason’s body going to be what the girls find in Wilden’s trunk — since the body at the morgue last week appears to have Jason’s scar on the side? Brace yourself for another meltdown, Spencer. Then again, it could be CeCe, whom we know has had her issues with Wilden.

— Was Mona telling the truth when she claims to not know who “Red Coat” is? And could the person who’s flying the plane be someone different from Ali the Savior? (Is that you, Duncan?) But where was the plane person coming from? And have we used the word “plane” enough for one day?

— Who started the fire? We’re thinking it was someone in Jenna’s clique — unless maybe it was Ali or her twin, meaning the twin who didn’t save the girls. And we wonder if whomever started this fire is also responsible for the 3,278 previous fires that have been on this show.

— What’s going to happen to Caleb’s dad and the church bell fiasco??! (Just kidding — no one cares about that stupid bell subplot. Not even us.)