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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Finale: Are Ezra and Aria Done for Good?

Amidst the "A" team machinations, the surprise Spoby reunion, and the confusing addition of a possible new team, the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 finale (Season 3, Episode 24: "A dAngerous gAme") still found time for Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) angst. Is anyone surprised?

During the episode, Aria and Ezra had what seemed to be their most definitive break-up yet. Aria didn't just call the relationship off — she insisted that she and Ezra need to "move on," too. However, Ezria has always been on-again, off-again. Is this split really going to stick, or are they going to be back in each others' arms in no time?

Wetpaint Entertainment recently spoke to executive producer Oliver Goldstick, who explained that the Liars are starting to really realize that the risk for their loved ones isn't worth it. "They all seem to start recognizing that they have to exorcise 'A' from their lives before they can have these relationships ... The major thing here was until 'A' is vanquished, there can be no real relationships."

And it's not just about the "A" threat for Ezria. Oliver also noted that Ezria faces a real, lasting challenge now that Malcolm is in the picture. "One of the reasons we wanted to do this whole story line last season was to give them a challenge that wasn't just 'A' related, but hopefully one that showed the disparity of where they are in their lives."

All that said, showrunner Marlene King has admitted to having a soft spot for Ezria, so we have a hard time believing this ship could possibly be done for good.

What do you think: Is Ezria over, at least for a while, or will they reunite in no time?

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Rebecca Martin is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @BeccaDMartin.