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Revenge Season 2: How Does Nolan Ross Trick Jack Porter?

Let’s be honest, Jack Porter isn’t exactly the brightest lobster in the barrel. But on Revenge, this barkeep is starting to wise up to the trickery that surrounds his daily life. In the wake of Fauxmanda’s death, Jack has gone looking for clues, and in a shocking twist, has actually stumbled upon the truth.

When Jack went down to the Docks to ask about the mysterious man who dragged him to shore and called the police, he found out a tall rich guy with “sandy hair and blue eyes” was the one to save his life.

Naturally, Jack was furious thinking Nolan Ross was the one responsible (how dare he save his life?!), and fell into a fit of rage at the Graysons’ charity party. Grayson parties are notorious for all the emotional outbursts that take place, but Jack has another thing coming if he thinks it’s OK to yell at Nolan Ross.

The Nolster handled the situation with perceived confusion, and later stopped by The Stowaway with faux-paperwork claiming Kenny Ryan was actually the one who saved Jack’s life.

Nolan claims Kenny had a “crisis of conscience” since his brother Nate was responsible for the Porters' disastrous honeymoon, and bought the boat that saved Jack’s life.

Luckily the floppy-haired seaman seemed to buy the story, but what happens when Kenny Ryan rolls back into town?

Do you think Jack will uncover the truth? Tell us below!

03.20.2013 / 01:43 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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