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Revenge Season 2: Who Is The Falcon? Our Top 3 Picks!

Guys, there is an evil computer nerd/bird among us. Give a warm welcome to Revenge's newest sleuth, the winged geek commonly known as “The Falcon.” This hacker moonlights as a computer whiz, and we've rounded up 3 people who fit the bill! And by the way, The Falcon worked for the Graysons 14 years ago during the David Clarke case, which means Declan is tragically out of the running. Curses! Now, onto our list of prime suspects...

1. Padma Lahari

Padma is the only person who has access to the Carrion project, and it's quite the coincidence that The Falcon knows Carrion's code well enough to build a firewall against it. Is it possible that this gal is two-timing both Nolan and The Initiative, and is operating with her own agenda? Of course, Padma might not be old enough to be The Falcon. If she's in her early 30s, she'd have been a mere teenager when Nolan first discovered his taloned enemy....

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2. Aiden Mathis

We know, we know –– Aiden can barely operate a cell phone. Like, the only thing this dude is remotely good at is wearing linen shirts and using a sniper rifle, but hey –– crazier things have happened. Who knows what kind of skills Aiden picked up before he went to Satoshi's revengey boot camp! It's entirely possibly that boyfriend spent his formative years LARPing, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and learning code –– although this would make him Emily's public enemy no. 1, and we're not sure how much more this gal can take....

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3. Mason Treadwell

Mason's been involved with the David Clarke case form the very beginning, and was on Team Grayson at the time of David's arrest. Plus, dude knows how to blog (which is pretty amazing for a middle aged socialite), so who knows what else he gets up to on the internets! Of course, there's the tricky problem that Mason's in jail...

Who do you think The Falcon is? Hit the comments and dish!

03.20.2013 / 09:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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