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Jersey Shore

Snooki Calls Hooking Up With Vinny Her Biggest Jersey Shore Regret

There’s no doubt that Snooki was a wild and crazy gal on Jersey Shore, but surprisingly, her biggest regret wasn’t drinking or doing somersaults without underwear on.

While she co-hosted Anderson Live on Tuesday, March 19, she revealed that if she could take one thing back from her time on the show, it would be “hooking up with Vinny in Italy.”

“[Jionni and I] had just broken up, but we weren’t really,” she revealed. “It was a Ross-Rachel kind of thing.”

Hey, if life is like Friends, it can’t be that bad, right? And on that note, Snooki doesn’t harbor any hard feelings toward Vin — she just wishes she could turn back time.

“Vinny is a great guy — I just wish I wouldn’t have cheated on my boyfriend with him,” she said, and when Anderson questioned if she’s told Vinny, she added, “He probably knows.”

Ultimately, they’re better as friends, and she’s happily married to Jionni now with an adorable baby, Lorenzo! Snooks concluded, “Great friend, bad mistake.”

Are you surprised that was Snooki’s biggest regret? Sound off below.

Reporting by Crystal Bell.