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American Idol

Lazaro Arbos Regrets Not Following His Gut on American Idol Top 9 Song

Last night on American Idol 2013, Lazaro Arbos had a rough go during the Top 9 performance show, where he sang The Beatles’ “In My Life.” The judges gave him some tough feedback, with Randy Jackson saying it was his least favorite performance of Lazaro’s, and Nicki Minaj commenting that his energy has changed since the beginning of the competition.

In a post-performance red carpet interview, Lazaro Arbos talked more about what happened during his American Idol Top 9 performance, and why he’s learning to tune out his critics!

Q: How are you feeling after tonight?

A: I was feeling really bad and then I looked at them and I was like eh.

Do you think it was too low for you, would you agree?

Yes I think that it wasn’t the best; I think that Keith was right I have a wide range and I could have done it so much more, so much more. But the thing was that wasn’t the song that I picked.

So what happened Lazaro?

Sometimes certain people, you know, you don’t actually end up doing the song that you actually know. So yeah and I had never heard that song in my life. I hadn’t heard that song because I am from Cuba and they don’t let you. So I didn’t grow up with it. So I only know the most known songs. I chose one of the main songs but some times you don’t get to do what you love, you know what I mean?

You lost the draw?

No, not that, not that. It was more like I was trying to please people rather than to please myself and go with my gut.

Do you feel like you’ve had to change yourself for the competition?

I think that when you become known there’s a lot of people that talk bad and I think that we have been letting those bad comments get to us. That’s kind of messing me up with my confidence. So I definitely felt that I did that because I saw a thing last night that totally messed me up. I just walked out there so nervous and upset.

How will you handle that going forward in the competition?

If I go forward I think I’m going to do songs that I know and I’m going to stick with songs that I love and know and I’m not going to let people change my songs. Because at the end of the day it’s not them going out on the show.

What did they say about you?

I’m not going to call people out but let’s just say that when it comes time for them to interview me I’m going to say no. Their loss!

You were the top guy last week, that’s got to give you a little confidence?

Yes, I love the reason I broke down on the stage wasn’t because of what they said because I don’t take it too hard, but I do take it too hard the fact that I somehow felt like I disappointed them, my followers.

What happens next week?

I’m going to just pretend I am on my couch and I’m going to sing and rage on and get wild!

03.21.2013 / 11:55 PM EDT by Lindsey Jordahl
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