Andrew Marlowe: Castle Will Be “Haunted” By the Knowledge of His Father — Exclusive
Credit: Christopher Heyerdahl / ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    
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Andrew Marlowe: Castle Will Be “Haunted” By the Knowledge of His Father — Exclusive

Castle's Season 5 two-part episode took the cast and crew of ABC's hit crime procedural into uncharted territory — and we're not just talking about the catacombs of Paris. For the first time in five seasons, we were finally introduced to the myth, the man, the legend — Rick Castle's father!

Naturally, fans are dying to know more about this elusive spy (played by guest star James Brolin) and whether he'll grace our small screens again before the season's end. When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with show creator Andrew Marlowe, he gave us some intel on this international man of mystery and what's next for the girl who fell victim to the skeletons of his past, Alexis Castle.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Character wise, where does Alexis go from here?

Andrew Marlowe: Where she's always been going — on a trajectory of independence, but touching in at home, becoming more complex, meeting the world on her own terms and seeing how that butts heads with Castle's point of view. I think Alexis has always been there to challenge Castle. She's always been there to parent Castle and to be a touchstone for him. And I think that that's something that's going to continue, but I think anybody who has kids know that they challenge you. They call you on your s— from time to time, and it's remarkable to watch their journey as they grow.

Speaking of children and parents, Castle knows something huge about himself. What's the revelation of his father going to do to the rest of the season?

Well, being a man and already having a good deal of living behind him, I think that it doesn't really initially completely alter anything about who he is. It's something that he compartmentalizes, something he knows, but it’s something that I think will start to haunt him as we go forward in terms of what it means and wanting to have that relationship and not being able to. But I think it's going to provoke him to ask some questions about his own life and where he goes next.

Will he actually ask some questions? Does Martha hold the key to a lot of these answers?

I think that he knows as much as Martha does. They had this wonderful night together, and I think Martha has always said, “Look. We had this terrific night. We fell in love. You came from it, and he just disappeared. And I've never been able to find him.” So I think that they both know the same story. So I think that Castle has a lot more perspective, but I think that he's certainly going to share that with Martha. But it's always complicated with something that you think you put behind you, it's a mystery that you made peace with suddenly gets resolved, and what does that mean? So I think that we'll be dealing with how the characters interact with that as before the series.

Andrew Marlowe: Castle Will Be “Haunted” By the Knowledge of His Father — Exclusive
Credit: Richard Cartwright / ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Are we done with James Brolin for the season?

I'm not sure. I don't think that we're done with James Brolin. We would love to have him back if he would love to come back. We just have to find the right story. I think he's the kind of character that you don't want him just showing up for no particular reason in the midst of a story that doesn’t have a sense of scope and scale to it or a sense of deeper emotion. So, for us, it's about finding the right story. I waited a long time to introduce Castle's father because I wanted it to be under the right circumstance with the right mythology behind it, and I feel very blessed that we're able to find a story where I could do that in the right way.

The casting of that is brilliant. Was that hard? Was it hard to find the right guy for it?

Not really. In terms of the guys who would be in the appropriate age for Castle's father who are ruggedly handsome, certainly Brolin is at the top of the list. And through fortuitous circumstances, I met him socially just as we were on the verge of casting this, and just chatting with him briefly, he became my no. 1 choice very quickly. It was clear that he had that special something, and oddly enough, he has a little bit of Nathan's look around the eyes. So when you see the two of them together in that scene, you feel that connection. It was really tremendous, and when you're looking for somebody who's ruggedly handsome, who comes to mind, right?

But you never know if you can actually get James Brolin?

Yeah. And we got lucky. Any great piece of casting, you think of the guy, and you cross your fingers and hope that the universe cooperates. Hopefully, they'll have a desire. Hopefully the timing will be right, and we just got very lucky and really appreciated Jim coming and being a part of show.

But what you're really saying is that in your spare time you hang out with Babs and Jimmy?

I wish I could make that claim, but on one occasion at one party, I briefly did.

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