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Bikini Waxing and Shaving May Give You WHAT?

While you might be doing your lover a favor with your painful, yet sexy Brazilian bikini wax, you might not be doing yourself any.

The Daily Mail reports that a new study out of Nice, France, claims barely-there bikini grooming might be causing the spread of a highly contagious viral skin infection. The virus, called Molluscum contagium, can be passed through skin-to-skin contact, like sex, or by touching infected objects like towels.

The study, which was published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Diseases followed patients at a private skin clinic in Nice, France. Thirty people infected with the virus were an average age of 29.5 years old and six of the 30 were women.

The infection, which looks like pearly papules, had spread in five of the patients, however in 10 of the cases, there were other skin conditions like warts, cysts, and scars. Unfortunately, because it’s so easy to transmit the virus, the boo boos and open sores that some people get from pubic hair removal can aid in its dissemination.

The French aren’t the only ones studying up on potential genital grooming issues. According to researchers from the University of California San Francisco, Brazilians and vajazzles (you know, decorations for your va-jay-jay) have also led to an increased amount of hospital admissions for women who had injured vaginas. We even recently heard one report on the radio about a woman who waxed hers shut — by accident, of course, but still... OUCH!

Despite all of the downsides, the Brazilian has done some good deeds like basically killing off pubic lice — it turns out, if there’s no nest, there can be no lice. One sexual clinic in Sydney even said that hasn’t treated a woman with pubic lice since 2008. So that’s Brazil-iant news!

Source: Daily Mail, Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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03.21.2013 / 04:49 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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