Kim Kardashian Divorce: Why Wasn’t Kris Humphries At Her Deposition?
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Kim Kardashian Divorce: Why Wasn’t Kris Humphries At Her Deposition?

A very pregnant Kim Kardashian sat for what we imagine was a very unpleasant deposition in her divorce case from Kris Humphries recently. Not only did Kim have to dredge through the subject of her split from Kris, she had to do it for nine hours!

But why wasn’t Kris there?

His lawyer reportedly argued that Kim’s deposition should be on a date Kris could attend because he had a right to be there, so it seems a bit strange that he didn’t even show up.

Why not? It’s hard to say, because the NBA baller didn’t have a game that day. His team, the Brooklyn Nets, did have an away game in Detroit the day before and one in Dallas the day after, but since Kris is benched at the moment, it seems he would have been able to fit in a flight to Los Angeles on his off day.

Then again, if Kris is trying to make his way back into the Net’s rotation, maybe he’s making sure he’s in tip-top shape for every game.

Odder than Kris’ absence was how little his lawyer asked Kim about reality television. Other than saying she was really in love with Kris when she accepted his marriage proposal, Kim was apparently asked nothing more on the subject by Kris’ lawyer, Lee Hutton.

Maybe Kris is having second thoughts about his whole quest to blow the lid off of reality TV, and that’s why he skipped this deposition?

After all, he’s had one lawyer quit on him, in his quest for an annulment from Kim on the grounds of fraud. And suspiciously leaked documents from one of Kim’s reality TV producer’s deposition may have backfired on him.

Sigh. All we know is, this nasty divorce circus is one step closer to being over with, and that’s not a bad thing.

Source: TMZ