American Idol 2013’s Amber Holcomb on Which Competitor Had the Best Song
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American Idol

American Idol 2013’s Amber Holcomb on Which Competitor Had the Best Song

Amber Holcomb continues to impress the American Idol 2013 viewers with her powerful voice, and her rendition of The Beatles’s “She’s Leaving Home” was a fresh take on a classic tune. Despite positive feedback from the judges, the singer herself admits her performance wasn’t without a hiccup or two.

In a post-performance red carpet interview, Amber Holcomb talked about which Beatles song she really wanted to sing during the American Idol Top 9, why she felt like she let down Jimmy Iovine, and which competitor’s performances she liked the most!

Q: Where was your pink lipstick, Nicki brought it up again tonight?

A: I know, it would look bad with this! You don’t wear pink with green!

What did you think of your performance tonight, Amber?

My performance was okay. I loved what I did towards the end, I’m proud of myself because usually when I mess up I shut down and I feel like I kept going. And what the judges said, I feel like they were pretty spot on.

That was a really interesting arrangement of that song though, it was cool.

Yeah, I approached it and I was going to be like power, power, power but they were like, “No you need to chill, it’s about the feeling, come down.”

Jimmy seems to be a huge supporter of you?

I feel so bad, I feel like I let him down tonight.


Because I messed up, I mean towards the end was good but that beginning I don’t even want to watch it.

Do you ever wish they would switch it up a bit, make the genres more current?

The Beatles were my dream theme because I love the Beatles. I didn’t get to choose…

What song would you like to have done?

“Yesterday,” I would have done that song. A lot of people wanted “Come Together.” There were so many people I just picked something nobody else wanted so I didn’t have to worry about changing it.

They switched up the order in which the judges commented tonight, what did you think of that?

It was weird! When they finished I didn’t know who to look at! I’m glad they’re switching it up. They each say something different so I don’t even think it matters who goes first. They just need to put an arrow or something to let us know where to look.

Was there another performance that really stood out to you tonight?

I liked “Candice’s Come Together.” She was smiling and dancing and stuff. I love to see people come out of their shell and do something different and actually succeed in it!

What did you think about the ranking last week?

Oh man when they told us they were going to rank us I was like oh god why? I don’t know want to know! But once they started naming us and I found out I was fifth I was like okay. It’s not exactly number one but I mean it’s not bad.

Does it make it more competitive to be number one?

I still just go in like, “Amber, you need to just go in and do a song that you want to do that makes you sound good.” I go in with the same mindset.

03.22.2013 / 10:31 PM EDT by Lindsey Jordahl
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