American Idol’s Angie Miller Talks “Shocking America” and Her Tattoos!
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American Idol

American Idol’s Angie Miller Talks “Shocking America” and Her Tattoos!

American Idol 2013 finalist Angie Miller turned in another great performance during the Top 9 live show, singing The Beatles’ “Yesterday.” The judges raved about all aspects of her performance, from her killer ensemble to her ability to sing practically anything, as Nicki Minaj put it.

In a post-performance red carpet chat with the media, Angie Miller talked more about her hopes for future American Idol 2013 theme weeks, “shocking America” with her unpredictable performances, and how many tattoos she has!

Q: Can you talk about making the top 3, how that feel last week?

A: Amazing, especially with Candace and Kree, they deserved it.

And you didn't, what about that confidence?

The right kind of confidence.

How did you feel about the performance tonight? It was beautiful.

Thanks, I always wanted to put my own spin on the song and this song wasn't so much about the voice, it was about the emotion. So I thought it was really good.

What did you think about the Paramore comparison?

Awesome. I thought that was so cool, I grew up listening to them and they were one of my favorite bands growing up so it's kind of cool that that shows it was an influence.

And you said people say you look like Miley Cyrus and you got that Disney comparison tonight?

Where did that come from? I guess because I've done a lot of musicals and theater stuff so maybe that whole background kind of came through.

What is your plan going forward and keeping yourself in the top 3?

I just want to keep shocking America with everything; with my performances, my look, everything. Even playing piano, not playing the piano I want to be unpredictable.

Are the curls gone or are you bringing them back?

They're not gone they're just straightened.

You seem like you can do anything, do you play any other instruments?

I don't, just the piano, but I wish. I can roughly play guitar but not really. I just play the piano and try different genres of music.

What does your ‘remember’ tattoo mean to you?

Actually I got this a month ago, before all the craziness of the Top 10 happened. Well, the Top 40 actually, and it's just a reminder to stay true to who I am now and not change. It's new! I have no regrets of it. Every tattoo I get is something that means a lot to me.

How many do you have?

I have 3. I have ‘dream big’ on my back. That's a life motto and all my fans on twitter are called Dreamers. It means a lot to me. All of my friends know that that is my thing, to dream big. I also have a Scripture of Matthew 23:12 that says " For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted." So they’re my little reminders to stay humble and dream big and remember who I am.

What did you think of the genre tonight, a lot of us think they need to switch it up a bit because some of you guys didn't even know who the Beatles were?

I definitely didn't grow up listening to the Beatles or a lot of their songs. All I knew of “Yesterday” (starts singing the melody) that's all I knew. But I had a connection with that song and really wanted to do it.

Do you think it's time they switched about the make things more current?

I hope so. I hope they do that really soon, that would be awesome.

03.22.2013 / 09:46 PM EDT by Lindsey Jordahl
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