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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Kellie Pickler Explains Why She Needs the “DWTS Spray Tan” (VIDEO)

Did you know Kellie Pickler has a python? The Dancing With the Stars Season 16 contestant was on The Late Late Show and complimented host Craig Ferguson’s snake mug, saying she has a real one at home. In fact, back in 2010, she joked to People that she might let her snake, Boots, be the ringbearer at her wedding to Kyle Jacobs. Don't worry DWTS fans, her snake won't be making an appearance in the Dancing With the Stars 2013 ballroom -- unless Derek Hough is planning a Britney Spears-inspired routine!

When asked if she had any dance experience before signing up for Season 16, Kellie said she cheered in high school and took some dances classes back then, but she had never done ballroom dance before. She also talked about the DWTS spray-tanning process, which she said she needs because she’s so pale she’s “translucent.” She told Craig everyone is sprayed down like a car going through a car wash. Craig asked, "Are you naked when they're doing that?" She teased, "Maybe,” adding, "If I didn't have a spray tan my dance partner would look like he's dancing by himself. I'm, like, see-through." She didn’t look pale on the show and Craig asked if she was still spray-tanned right then. Kellie said you can't just scrub it off overnight, so ... guess that’s a yes?

Kellie and Craig also talked about adrenaline rushes that had them fainting or near-fainting. "Hey, you know what I did? I about fainted,” Kellie said. “Last year, I flew with the Blue Angels. Unbelievable. The biggest adrenaline rush ever! It was so cool." She said she had tweeted about two things that she had to mark off her bucket list — flying with the Blue Angels and jumping with the Golden Knights, the U.S. Army parachute team. So now she just has to find someone to jump with. Derek, that’s your cue!

Source: The Late Late Show (via YouTube)

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