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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9, Episode 19 Canadian Promo: Drama and Explosions

Though relationships are prominent in this preview of Grey’s Anatomy Season 9, Episode 19: “Can’t Fight This Feeling” from Canada's CTV, don’t get it twisted — the medical drama is the focus of the action-packed hour.

Although we first see Owen and Cristina positively euphoric, naked in bed together, the mood quickly changes when Hunt gets a call about an explosion on the highway. Quickly, we see the episode itself will be explosive and dramatic, with Alex physically banging down the door, telling Jo to “stop sucking face and check on your patients,” and April sobbing on Jackson’s shoulder — likely because her boyfriend, Matthew, was injured during the accident.

As we saw in the American promo, guest star Sarah Chalke — whose son is suffering from a mysterious illness — won’t back down until someone fixes her little boy, so between that and the explosion, everyone has to follow Owen’s lead. In his words? “Buckle up, this is going to be a long day.”

If that’s not enough to satisfy you, here's a full synopsis of the episode:

"A gas tanker explodes on a Seattle highway, causing multiple injuries — including paramedic Matthew; Meredith and Jo help a frantic mother (Sarah Chalke) whose child is suffering from a mysterious illness; and Owen bonds with a young boy whose parents are in critical condition. Meanwhile true colors are revealed when Alex is forced to work with Jo's boyfriend on an ailing patient."

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Catch the next new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, March 28, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Check out the preview above, and don't forget to catch the American promo, too.