Jenna Bush Hager Gets Showered With Baby Wisdom on Today
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Jenna Bush Hager Gets Showered With Baby Wisdom on Today

Some moms-to-be ask for a new stroller from friends and family, but not Jenna Bush Hager. The 31-year-old Today contributing correspondent, who is pregnant with her first child, hit up her co-workers on the show for some good old fashioned parenting advice. We imagine it’s much more valuable than a pack-n-play or a bouncy chair.

“As I prepare for one of life’s greatest journeys — motherhood — I asked some people I love to tell me what they learned from their moms,” Hager said, and her work friends were only too happy to share. Here’s what they said:

Matt Lauer: About his own mom, Matt said, “She gave us a lot of slack. She had faith in us, or at least she pretended to have faith in us. As a result, we never wanted to disappoint her. She [Matt’s mom] made us feel secure and safe and sure of the future. And I thought that was an extraordinary gift she gave us.”

Savannah Guthrie: “My dad passed away when I was a teenager. There were moments in her [Savannah’s mom] life that I think must’ve been so terrifying, and yet she handled everything with just such strength,” she recalled. Of course, with wisdom comes age. “One time she found a gray hair and I said, do you want me to pluck it and she said, ‘NO! I earned this.’”

Al Roker: As a child, Al attended Catholic school in Queens. He said, “Even the most mild-mannered person, I think, becomes a lion or lioness if their child is threatened. And I know that the worst sight for any of those nuns or the principal of the school was seeing Isabel Roker coming up 120th Avenue [with] a head of steam because of some perceived slight to one of her children."

Kathie Lee Gifford: The star talked about what it’s like to be a mother to her own kids, Cassidy and Cody. “Nothing in life actually prepares you for how much you’re gonna like them as people. I would rather be with my children than any human beings on the planet.”

In the end, Jenna was lucky enough to get some words of wisdom from the best source of all — her own mom, former First Lady Laura Bush. Of Jenna’s Grammy, former First Lady Barbara Bush, Laura said, “My mother was really perfect, as a mother. My mother loved to read and she read to me all the time. And stories became a big part of my life. My whole life. I made my career out of it. I became a librarian.”

“Time does pass so quickly. Really take advantage of every moment and try to remember those special moments that you have with your children. Because before you know it, they’re 31 and having children of their own,” Laura said.

It was such a tearjerker for the whole Today team, that they had to pass around the Kleenex. To be honest, it has us feeling kind of warm and fuzzy about our own moms.

Excuse us, we have to go make a phone call.

Source: Today

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03.22.2013 / 12:28 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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