Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Deposition: What Did She Refuse To Answer?
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Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Deposition: What Did She Refuse To Answer?

A very pregnant Kim Kardashian had to sit through a nine hour deposition in her lawyer’s office recently, in preparation for her long-awaited divorce trial with ex Kris Humphries.

Kris’ absence from the proceedings made headlines, as did the fact that his lawyer Lee Hutton shied away from questions about reality TV, previously presumed to be a focus of his case. So, what was Kim asked, and just as importantly, what did she refuse to answer?

Kim was reportedly grilled about her relationship with the media, reports Radar Online. Specifically, she was asked which media outlets she talks to off the record.

It’s reportedly, “very well known that Kim talks to a tabloid on almost a daily basis, with no attribution to her,” said Radar’s source. Kim refused to answer anything in that line of questioning on the advice of her lawyer, Laura Wasser.

This questioning falls right in line with Kris’ apparent belief that Kim has planted stories in the press to make him look bad, up to and including blaming the stress of their trial for her recent miscarriage scare.

That miscarriage scare itself was also on the agenda for the deposition, and Kim was prepared to answer Hutton’s questions along those lines. He evidently asked questions about Kim’s crazy travel schedule and, in what looks like an effort to debunk any claims that divorce stress was the cause of her health problems, wanted to know what her doctor had told her following the scare.

Kim, for her part, “admitted that it wasn’t just the divorce that caused the scare, but rather her very active lifestyle, which has included numerous promotional appearances that require travel,” the source explained. Sounds pretty candid to us.

Apparently, Kim’s refusal to answer some questions could force her to take the witness stand at the trial! Yeah, cause that's really gonna help with her stress level!

Source: Radar Online